Our Approach

After working in the Health, Life and Medicare Industry for 20 years I have learned just a few things. First, I have no loyalty to an insurance company, in fact, I don't work for an insurance company. And I am PROUD of that !! How do you benefit ? I represent clients not companies and when I represent you,  I have only one objective, to make you extremely happy with my unique and FREE service.

My Story

I began working for a big brokerage company in Nashville Tennessee in 1995 and figured out quickly clients were not getting the best possible plan for the least amount of money.  The company dictated what companies I could write and that was it, my customers got my great service but I was handcuffed to offer 4 different plans. Because I hold a very special license that obligates me to do the right thing for each customer I meet. I began researching all the companies that offered plans and found that there were better plans than the 4 I represented. And I realized why the company represented those 4, it was because they paid the most to the company !!  And this is where my store begins.............

Meet the Broker

Give me a call and lets talk about your unique situation. I promise not to sell you anything but assist you in finding the right plan, highly rated and for a cost you can afford.


Jimmy Adams

Broker and Founder

Yep that is me !!

Next Steps...

Call me, lets make it personal and real. You'll be glad you did and most importantly, thank you for stopping by and getting to this point.  What do you have to lose ? I promise not to bug you, spam you or call you in the middle of the night to ask if your refrigerator is running. And if your refrigerator is better go catch it !!!