Under 65 ?

Currently, having a health plan is mandatory in the United States for those filing taxes and earning more than $11,900 per year (single). Mandatory is open to interpretation and the law is rapidly evolving. Call me to get the most current information and rates in your county and state.

Turning 65

There is no better time to be considering health plan options, in fact if you are turning 65 in the next 3 to 6 months you have an incredible opportunity to save a lot of money on your healthcare over the rest of your lifetime.  I can help you avoid some of the most financially disastrous pitfalls in the Medicare space.

Dental, Vision & Gap Plans

Believe it or not a health insurance strategy is a cost effective way to pay for service and stay healthy while minimizing costs. Lets talk about extra coverage that is vitally important to good health. Most of all if your in a HIGH DEDUCTIBLE health plan then there is a smart way to make it pay for just about everything.


How can you save me money ?

It's actually quite simple, depending on where you live you will have a number of carriers that can offer coverage for you. Plans, Networks, Premiums and Deductibles are all dictated by income, household size and tax filing status. Our job is to find all the plans available, look at your situation and show you how to strategically obtain coverage that provides the most benefit for the least amount of money.  We will show you everything available, there is nothing hidden, no smoke and mirrors and no high pressure selling. Don't you hate commission breath ?

Turning 65 Or Have Medicare ?

No problem ? We have several options that can cut costs and allow you to obtain the same or better service than you currently get with your existing plan. There are 3 little secrets for those turning 65 that we have found and they work wonders on your budget and income !!

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Next Steps...

There is a reason why we are one of the most trusted insurance brokers in the health and life insurance space, because our customers come first and we are always available, literally, we give you our personal cell phone numbers so you can call us at home and on the weekend, let me know where else you find that.