Health Insurance Plans

We do health plans a little differently, we are on top of the ever changing, highly regulated and volatile health insurance market. When premiums seems to be increasing, networks are shrinking and there seems to be a lot of confusion about what is and what is not. We are the oasis of information and the refuge from high price, "one-size" fits all insurance plans. We'll help you avoid the corner store insurance shop that really is interested in one thing......making another sale with the only insurer in town.

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Our goal is to help you avoid the "Medicare Trap". With thousands turning 65 daily and receiving their hard fought Red-White and Blue card and feeling buried under a mountain of mail and phone calls, let us eliminate all of that with a simple to understand system that breaks down your medicare options, there are actually 3. Call us at 1 855 MEDI GAP (855 633 4877) and find out how to avoid paying thousands in out of pocket expenses before you turn 65, and if you've just celebrated that birthday it may not be too late. Check out this link here -

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Life . Dental . Vision . Gap

Strategically designed to compliment your health plan and support good health along with proper planning, Life, Dental, Vision and Gap coverage can fill in, lower cost and provide peace of mind when things get a little tough. Gap insurance is a strategy that can lower monthly premiums, provide cash benefits where Health Insurance does not.  Just like gap coverage for a new car you can use this plan in many ways and in places where your health insurance may not be accepted.

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what people really want

Imagine calling someone directly on the phone, no menus to work through, no one on an island or in a closet and most importantly someone who can answer your questions, quickly, clearly and concisely.

The process of buying insurance, enrolling in coverage or getting approved should be simple, you should be able to call one number, speak to one person and get it done.  Don't you hate walking down the cereal isle at the grocery store and being flooded with all of the choices, knowing that your body is going to respond to one product much better than another product ?

Give us the opportunity to know you and your situation and provide the power of knowledge to obtain the right coverage that will do the best job for you.  We are not loyal to an insurance company, in fact, we are only concerned about one thing, making sure you get the best product and the best service at one time.